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Welcome to the Attack On Titan Tribute Game Wiki!


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Attack On Titan Tribute Game (Or AOTTG) is a free browser game based on the Attack on Titan franchise. The game was made by Chinese developer, Feng Lee.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 8.47.43 PM

The AHSS, or Anti Human Suppression Squad, is a new custom character preset added in the most recent update. They are the first and only character to be able to use Rifles, and can only shoot two bullets before needing to reload. Much like the Custom Character, they have completely customizable Stats. The multiplayer tag when playing as AHSS is a light green, different from the light blue of normal swordsmen... Read More >


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Welcome to the Attack on Titan Tribute Game Wiki! We love to have new members, especially new editors! Feel free to edit a page, comment, or talk to the staff members! Just remember, any edits that don't follow the Rules will be undone. The rules are: No foul language No vandalizing the pages No adding of uncertain content Always add a summary

Have fun here, at the unofficial Attack on Titan Tribute Game Wiki!

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